Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying China Mobile Phones

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying China Mobile Phones

Electronic industry is one of many industries that grow rapidly in all over the world. In China, for example, electronic industry grows larger and larger after economy liberalization. Computer appliances, household equipments and communication devices are some products that are produced by home industry in China. As the fastest and largest telecommunication market, China has also produced cellular phone. China mobile phones have attracted many consumers worldwide. In the last few year, we can find worldwide cellular phone market is flooded with mobile phones that have been manufactured in this country. Even though other famous brands has manufactured similar product, mobile phones from China still win consumers’ heart. With inexpensive cost, attractive design and highly developed features, mobile phones from China will never fail to fulfill consumers’ need.

Despite of its cheap price, interesting design and high technology features China mobile phones also has its own limitation. Mobile phones from China are seldom equipped with high quality camera phone, which is why the result of it is not quite good. GPRS and Java applications are some other features that rarely can be found when you use mobile phones from China. However, mobile phones from China are still found attractive for those who use 2 or 3 different numbers all at once.

Health standard of radiation from China mobile phones still remains unknown until now. There is no clear information about it, even though it is one of any important aspect that should be owned by cellular phone. Judging from candy and any other foods that contain formalin and other dangerous substances, we will simply make negative stereotypes that all products from China are dangerous for our health. However, in spite of the previously mentioned assumption above, the choice to buy those products still lies at the hand of consumers.