Angry Birds – Allows Smoking For

Angry Birds – Allows Smoking For

Looking for an exciting new game that will give you hours of fun? Tired of the same old puzzle games boring? Want more than the average killer time? Then the evil bird app might just be that extra kick you are looking for. The game is fast gaining popularity due to a rare feature, game designers have managed to be elusive perfect combination of solid gameplay, storyline and funny and charming stage to record, to come up with a new action packed flash game angry birds. Themed puzzle game will definitely give you a challenging and interesting time trying to find a way to defend the enemy to take back what is rightfully yours to break to find.

Angry birds flash game first developed by Rovio Mobile for the Apple smartphone and tablets, although it’s popularity makes it possible to over stabbing to various other consoles, such as Android phones and personal computers. The story behind the video game puzzle based on a group of birds flying funny, but angry that their eggs were stolen from them by their evil enemy pigs, the birds are doing everything in their power to recover the eggs and punish the evil pigs in the process. When playing games for real, you will control a large catapult and you will have the power to angry birds at the enemy pigs at various strategic locations on the battlefield have to throw.  Read the rest of this entry »

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