Top 5 Web Apps for Freelancers

Top 5 Web Apps for FreelancersAll professionals need to have a couple of special programs from the sleeves that make life a little ‘ easier. With multiple clients and multiple projects, it can be difficult to keep track of every little detail, as you should. Luckily, creative people like you have found solutions to keep you on task with projects. Below are some programs that can benefit professionals from all sectors.

1. PayPal PayPal is an online payment system that is paid and payed others makes it a breeze. It ‘ completely safe and has many other benefits in addition to the ability to send and receive money at any time. Freelancers have the option of a debit card to be used anywhere that credit cards are accepted. The funds will be debited from the account and money withdrawn from an ATM at any time. Transfers can be easily transformed into a bank account and a short period of time to process.

2. Drop Box Imagine a program that gives your folder client access directly to the computer, but only those who want to see them. Drop box is a file sharing program you. With your customers just save the file to Drop Box work on your computer, and they will immediately have access to it. Just save your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and more and will also update in real-time. Anything that can be stored on your computer can be shared on Drop Box. The best part is-you get a significant amount of free disk space. Purchase more storage space is easy and convenient.

3. Campaign Monitor E-mail programs can be a dime a dozen, but few offer the flexibility and functionality that makes Campaign Monitor. Building e-mail campaigns, as a professional designer and programmer with an easy- to-use platform that you can use to adjust almost everything. Enter your text, add images, and before you know it, you have an e-mail to be sent. Invite your contacts list and just how big your list is to be paid. The price is very affordable and once sent your e-mail address you have access to a dashboard-depth analysis that opens, bounces, and are successful more general approach.

4. Insightly Insightly you with your project management system for large projects, small projects, and monitoring, also inside. The seamless integration with Gmail email account and can save note and freelancers when they have to communicate with a client. Collaborate with others, set up to do lists and tasks and create projects that include more than one person. Insightly is also a great program to work with other professionals while pursuing collaborations. Easy to see who did what and what remains to be done on the list? With the e-mail reminders for tasks, an appointment will never go back.

5. JobPile Comes easy to see all the best sites for freelance jobs table in one place and you choose. Just click and start browsing for JobPile work from many different websites without even being accessed See something you like? You will be led to the place where you can easily apply, offer or show your interest. JobPile eliminates the onerous task of signing and browsing multiple sites and pages of jobs in one or two apply for the exam.

There are many tools available for your freelance career freelance a bit better, more professional and easier. The best part? Many of them are free! Take advantage of what the web has to offer and enjoy a freelancer.

What is the duplex mismatch?

Have you ever had a problem with a network server to 100Mb / s connected, but do not have the ability to perform file transfers for about 1-2 Mb /s ? It is an interesting and surprisingly often, the problem could be in exactly this way.

The first step to determine if they belong to this problem is to try to perform multiple file transfers simultaneously. If you are, say, 5 file transfers, you will see 1-2 Mb / s for each transfer individual thing 5 10MB / s data transfer rate overall aggregate? If you do, then you probably have a duplex mismatch problem in the network.

Duplex mismatch is where the end of the connection you are trying to run in full-duplex mode, while the other ends trying to run in half-duplex mode. The end full-duplex is transmitted when sending traffic on the link, while the end of half-duplex sends only if the connection is idle. The result is that the end full duplex is often clobbering packets transmitted from the end of the half-duplex ‘. Since the end of full duplex has no concept of collisions clobbered packets of the TCP layer of the compound in which the “1-2 Mbit / s ” come a limit for each connection is bad.

With a managed switch to see late collisions and multiple collisions on the end of the half-duplex connection and usually transmit and receive errors on full-duplex connection. These errors are rapidly increasing counter and is easy to recognize a problem if you know what you are looking for. There is also an equally simple solution-just manually set both ends of the connection will operate in full-duplex mode. Once you have this simple change is return to normal speed file transfer should find the server in question.

Once you have the unique behavior of duplex mismatch problem is easy to see. Remember, as a potential problem, if you think about duplex mismatch speed very low transfer rates of Ethernet connections, which must operate at much higher speeds. It ‘also interesting to note that this problem only applies really for Ethernet connections 10 and 100 Mb / s for gigabit connections do not have a half-duplex mode.

Duplex mismatch is a problem that makes lifting his head from time to time. It is a rapid control that can be done to make sure that it is not the cause of a problem, or may not be a problem in the future!

Japan will get its first exclusive game for the Wii U eShop

The eShop Wii U already has some exclusive titles this service in Europe and North America, but in Japan the situation remained separate until relatively recently.

Unlike the other territories, the release of digital games in Japan for eShop is not as “simple”: that a game can be published, the company in charge of it has to be Japanese, or at least more than half of their actions. Thus, foreign companies (as the case with many indie companies) have to look for some Japanese company interested in the title to publish their games within their borders. This is what we saw in the past with games like ‘World of Goo’, developed by 2D Boy but published by Nintendo.

Due to this situation, the Japanese eShop Wii U currently only offered some titles that were also available on CD, as ‘New Super Mario Bros. U’ or ‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2′, and the only thing resembling an exclusive game was the free version of ‘Tank! Tank! Tank! ‘.

However, it seems that things will change soon, as the company Arc System Works has announced that it will be responsible for publishing ‘Neo Nano Assault’ in Japan. Thus, it will become the first of the eShop exclusive titles that appear in this territory.
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Linux file permissions

Linux operating system uses license regime specify user rights to each file. This set of permissions:

-Who can read the file. If the file is a directory, read the contents of the directory means the list.
-Who can write / edit files. If the file is a directory, this permission determines whether you can make changes to the contents of the directory, for example, create or delete files.
-What can execute the file. If the file is a directory, this permission determines whether you can enter the directory and access its contents, for example, search the directory or run a program in it.

Permissions are assigned to the file owner, the owner of the file, and for all users. For example, you can configure your document readable and writable by the owner only, and can only be read by others. Continue reading