E-Cigarette and the Effects

Modern people have already known about the side effects of the cigarette on their body. It makes people think twice before they smoke cigarette. Most people choose to quit from their cigarette addiction but other people will choose other way to be free from cigarette. Most companies then produce electronic cigarette as the alternative to be free from cigarette addiction. What is electronic cigarette? It is battery operated device that is used as the alternative to a normal cigarette. There is cartridge in this e-cigarette that will contain of nicotine, chemicals, glycol and propylene. It gives smoking cigarette sensation without delivering some dangerous things such as Carbon Monoxide, Tobacco and Tar. You will find information about the history of e-cigarette by reading e-cigarette.net reviews.

Most people open Edesignerz Official Site to find some best brands of e-cigarette. There are bull smoke e-cigarette, V2 cigs, and green smoke e-cigarette for you. Some people ask whether using e-cigarette is dangerous or not. People say that e-cigarette is safer than normal cigarette. There is no tobacco in electronic cigarette.  Although it is safer alternative for some smokers, there are some side effects too in e-cigarette. E- cigarette uses Diethylene Glycol  that will cause health worries on the inhalation system. E-cigarette also contains of nitrosamines that will cause cancer. The aim of e-cigarette is to reduce the smokers but in fact there are some people who don’t smoke use this e-cigarette because they can enjoy smoking with various flavors such as chocolate, orange and mint.