Facebook News – Now FB Ad Will Be Shown To Everyone

If you are the person who breaths facebook then here is a news for you.

Facebook has now decided that they will be showing their Facebook Ads to each and everyone. This is actually a very big step taken by the social network giant.

Earlier the facebook ads were shown only to people who have actually signed up with the social network. The ads used to be shown on the right side of the profile as well as there were newsfeed ads too in the users news feed.

This is the right move by Facebook, as this will enable it to actually compete with the other companies like Google, Bing who are already in this space.

It is predicted that since Facebook as the best parameters and the best user data, it could pose as a serious threat to these companies.

As a user we would be benefited the most since we will only be shown those types of ads which are actually very much relevant to this.

But yeah this is still in development. Let’s see how this move of Facebook changes things and how it benefits the end user.