‘Smart Offline’ : Solution from Youtube for Cheaper Video Downloads in India

smart offline youtube
Youtube which is actually a video sharing site by Google has introduced a kind of technology known as ‘Smart Offline’. This is a feature which allows users to schedule the download of videos at night because the mobile data is the cheapest at that time.

As many of you must be aware that data charges are very high in India and for an average user who intends to see and watch some videos it becomes very tiring plus the net speed is also very slow which also contributes to the frustration of the user. Many mobile carriers are having cheap mobile internet during midnight to morning hours.

According to Google India Blog “We hope you like this more affordable and convenient way to take videos offline, and continue watching YouTube whenever you like, buffer-free,”

There is a condition that ‘Smart Offline’ does not work with WiFi and only works when mobile data plan is being used. At the moment only two mobile carrier companies namely Airtel and Telenor, users have access to this technology.

To download a video this way, users can select the save overnight option. The video will be automatically downloaded overnight and ready for viewing under the saved videos category in the morning.