iPhone T-Mobile: an iPhone Rival

iPhone T-Mobile: an iPhone Rival


iPhone is one of desirable mobile phone to be owned, especially for gadget lover. Having iPhone is similar to following fashion trend, when you do not have one then you are outdated. You will never be considered as a cool person if you do not own an iPhone. However, not all people can afford to buy an iPhone, since this mobile phone is quite expensive. As one alternative, iPhone T-Mobile is produced as inexpensive solution to those who want to own Apple iPhone. With similar design with Apple iPhone, T-Mobile iPhone is more than ready to fulfill gadget lover’s taste and need.

Basically, iPhone T-Mobile has different platform with Apple iPhone. Apple iPhone has its own platform and operating system, while T-Mobile iPhone has an open operating system and platform. Open operating system refers to ability of any software creators to install many programs that are suitable for this phone. In Apple iPhone, you only have chance to install program that is provided by Apple Store. Other than that, you cannot install it at all on the Apple iPhone. This kind of operating system has advantage and its own disadvantage. Open operating system allows you to install many programs, yet it is quite vulnerable to virus and malware attack. On the contrary, closed operating system, like the one on Apple iPhone, does not give bigger chance to install various things which is why it is secured from virus attack. Read the rest of this entry »

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