Japan will get its first exclusive game for the Wii U eShop

The eShop Wii U already has some exclusive titles this service in Europe and North America, but in Japan the situation remained separate until relatively recently.

Unlike the other territories, the release of digital games in Japan for eShop is not as “simple”: that a game can be published, the company in charge of it has to be Japanese, or at least more than half of their actions. Thus, foreign companies (as the case with many indie companies) have to look for some Japanese company interested in the title to publish their games within their borders. This is what we saw in the past with games like ‘World of Goo’, developed by 2D Boy but published by Nintendo.

Due to this situation, the Japanese eShop Wii U currently only offered some titles that were also available on CD, as ‘New Super Mario Bros. U’ or ‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2′, and the only thing resembling an exclusive game was the free version of ‘Tank! Tank! Tank! ‘.

However, it seems that things will change soon, as the company Arc System Works has announced that it will be responsible for publishing ‘Neo Nano Assault’ in Japan. Thus, it will become the first of the eShop exclusive titles that appear in this territory.
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