What to Look for in Learning Management Systems

Human resource executives and corporate training managers who are considering implementing learning management systems (LMS) may have more of an advantage than they realize when reviewing the different programs available.

For those new to the term, a LMS is a software package or cloud-based service that enables organizations to manage and deliver learning materials and resources to students or trainees. It automates administrative tasks, facilitates the seamless flow of information from source to end-user, and enables organizations to maintain vast amounts of skills and competencies for a large group of employees in an efficient and functional way. Simply put, LMS can improve organizational performance.

Many LMSs were designed specifically for corporate training and later adapted for academic applications. You may assume that it was the other way around.

In your pursuit for the right LMS for your business, look for these key elements to narrow down your search:


The experience of a LMS vendor is one consideration when shopping for an online learning system that will best suit your company’s training needs. A good first step to acquiring that information is to tap your network. Colleagues in the same or similar industries may be able to recommend systems that have helped them.

If you know someone in the United States military who has used a LMS, it may be worthwhile to schedule an interview with that person. LMSs that provide learning services to military personnel must be robust and flexible. They must be able to incorporate training materials in many different formats and be able to upload content from many different subject areas. They must also be accessible from anywhere on the globe.