Role GPS Blue Force Situations

Role GPS Blue Force Situations

GPS tracking is now common place in the consumer world, but what people do not always realize how important it is in the army. Navy blue is a term often used in the military, which means that the friendly forces, or on your side, and tracking elements from “Blue Force Tracking” phrase refers to the ability to identify the location of the trace of the army staff. Blue Force Tracking is ideal, not only able to identify the exact position of the troops to find in the field, but also to communicate with them and expensive resources to detect.

Military personnel are often asked to work at the border and foreign environments. They often do not know the space and the climate in which they are asked to work. GPS tracking devices to act as their third eye. By being able to position troops on the ground pointing the GPS technology offers benefits to staff at the central command post, allowing them to communicate with troops on the ground to help prevent conflict, danger and crisis.

GPS and Blue Force Tracking is not just limited to the staff. Military means may cost billions of dollars, and can become destructive when they are in the wrong hands. That is where the GPS technology can come into its own. By affixing GPS tracking devices for the military forces they can track assets in the hands of the enemy, allowing easy retrieval if needed. Valuable military assets to be traced can vary from fighter aircraft to the general and artillery weapons.

GPS technology is not just about the possibility of identifying the location of personnel, it also incorporates the ability to use ground troops to communicate without relying on the (cell) local channels GPRS. The advantage of this at your local Tower is that GPS technology is not needed because the local station using GPS satellites orbiting the earth, as long as this area is clearly a signal more reliable than many.Read the rest of this entry »

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