Samsung Slide Mobile Phones

Samsung Slide Mobile Phones

There are three main styles of mobile phones. They are candy-bar, slider and clamshell. From these three basic forms, mobile phone manufacturers attempt to do certain innovation. Sony Ericsson, for instance, tries to apply swivel style on their mobile phones. Candy-bar phones suits simple person more, since it is usually design in simple way. Slider mobile phones allows user to have small handset than can be brought anywhere. Samsung mobile slider phones are multinational mobile phones manufacturers that usually produced slider mobile phones. Clamshell mobile phones, on the contrary, allows mobile phone user to feel real phone sensation.

Samsung is well known as one company which produces slider phones. Samsung mobile slider phones are intended to be marketed in Asia area, since Asian people love to use slider phone and clamshell phone. Having slider phone allows you to enjoy wide screen and comfortable keypad placement. When it is not used, keypad of slider mobile phones remains hidden under the screen. Manufacturers of mobile phones also have wide range to apply their creativity in creating slider mobile phones. The weaknesses of slider mobile phones are unprotected screen. Slider phones leaves screen part unprotected, so this part is quite vulnerable and has larger possibility to break. Read the rest of this entry »

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