Switch to Windows 8

Switch to Windows 8

Operating System Windows 8 called Windows next OS from Microsoft is expected to release in late 2012. There is more than one year to go before the official release, but already there is a large amount of hype and hope for the OS. Before moving on, we want to make clear that Windows 8 is not the official name of the operating system, even if only internally designated as recently announced. Anyways this is commonly referred to as Windows 8 in the world of technology between the normal and geeks. There are many reasons why Windows 8 has drawn so much hype and expectations of more than one year of publication. Here are some reasons for the same thing:

1. Touch OS: Windows Operating System has always been a desktop-friendly and not designed for touch-screen computers. On the other hand, Apple has experimented with touch capabilities for long on their computers and gadgets they include the iPhone and iPhone. Microsoft first-touch features in Windows 7 Phone to bring, where he looked great with the touch capabilities. And it is not surprising that it became an instant hit with the Windows 7 stores reached 25,000 Phone application is much faster than the iPhone apps are doing in the past. For example, Microsoft has announced to bring touch-friendly features for Windows 8 and the new operating system will be fully optimized for touch. This is a new step using a computer faster and easier than provide any normal person like most computer users around the world use Windows instead of OS to another. Therefore, Windows 8 the perfect mouse and keyboard support for users of traditional computer.

2. Light OS with the sleek look: Windows 7 is the first Microsoft operating system that does not need more advanced hardware to the operating system to run. This goes against the earlier agreement, where the new version of Windows that better hardware is needed to work properly. Windows 7 is lighter than Vista in almost all the benchmark results, even faster than Windows XP in many of the results. It is a big step forward, not just for Microsoft but for computer users around the world as well as they do not need to change their computer or hardware each time a new operating system is booted. Microsoft has now announced that Windows 8 will work on the same hardware and perhaps even lighter than Windows 7. It works not only as a light but feature-rich OS, but looks like one. Windows 8 has a sleek look with the smooth scrolling and the latest demo and touch function seems to work very smoothly.