Top Application for Mobile Marketing Trends 2013

ht-300x161Applications for mobile advertising began to flare in the middle of 2012. With Android and Apple app stores which boast hundreds of thousands of different applications, it is clear that the mobile culture will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Recent surveys show that over 60% of mobile phones sold today are smartphones. These same surveys also say that people today are getting their phone with them, with over 50% of them in bed with them.

These statistics show that mobile applications should be part of every company to be advertised. Although they cannot simply be any application. Looking at these tendencies, and continue to use the kind of people apps, we can determine what type of application you should be building, which also match your advertising message and products. Here is a brief list of some trends observed in the rest of 2012 and in 2013.

1. Money Transfer Applications One of the requirements of the most desirable smartphone users is the ability to use their bank account and transfer money from your account to interact with ease. This also applies to the online payment sites such as PayPal. These applications give users control over their money even when it is not on a computer or in a physical place bound.

2. Location Based Apps another big trends that have gained momentum in 2012 are applications that include location-based services. With over 500 million consumers, location-based services allow within their applications at present, there is certainly continue to increase, as others note how their phones can interact with them on the spot. Special coupons, prices and information are all a part of Location Based Services.

3. Mobile search functionality There are always times when someone trying to figure out an answer to a problem needs, but is not a reliable source of information around. Mobile search is exponential, as more consumers switch to smartphones than regular phones cultivated. And, this trend will certainly continue its upward cycle. Websites ready for mobile will benefit most from this type of availability.

4. Navigation Mobile tablet computer one of the fastest growing trends of the year was the amount of navigation that has been done with an iPad or other type of tablet computer. In truth, the iPad accounted for nearly 3% of respondents who surfed the Internet in recent years. Again, as already mentioned, sites optimized for mobile devices are able to be in front of those who do not overvoltage.

5. Mobile Advertising Opportunities in 2008, the amount of money spent on mobile marketing and advertising through advertisements and applications, was $ 530 million. In 2012 that number has jumped dramatically to grow to over $ 7 billion, with a lot of space. There are various options for mobile marketing through PPC, banner ads in various applications and in other areas for advertising.

6. Mobile Music and Sharing One of the most rapid growth in 2012 is Spotify. This service provides both a web-based platform and a mobile application that allows users to listen to music based on their favorite artists and the like. These can be shared through various social media channels. In addition, users can purchase their favorite songs from various music services such as iTunes.

Mobile marketing and advertising trends are a way for companies to see what is happening in today’s culture and build related applications for future products and services. It ‘important to stay abreast of trends, or at least in their applications that people want to download and use offer consistent.