WhatsApp Coming with Apple Integration

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging app is now coming up with Apple Music integration. WhatsApp developers have continuously been adding small yet essential features over time and the pace has increased after WhatsApp launched an official beta testing channel through the Google Play store. People can sign up and stay updated on the latest builds with the newest features without waiting for a public rollout of new features.

Apple Music integration is the latest feature spotted by users. This will help users sends Apple Music tracks as links and the recipient of the links will be able to listen to the music after the link opens the Apple Music App. This update comes right after the recent update to WhatsApp which allowed users to quote and reply to messages within a conversation. Users have long been about to share Music files saved locally, but now, sharing though Apple Music integration will make things easier. Though the feature would require users to have an Apple Music account, as reported by German tech website macerkopf.de.

Other upcoming features that have been spotted by users include the introduction of mentions for users in the same group chat or from the contact list. Also introduced are public groups and Apple Messages-like support for larger emojis, as reported by 9to5mac. Sharing zip files is another feature that is in the pipeline as well. Most of the features will hit the iOS version first and will later come to the Android beta version. Users need to have jailbroken devices to install beta versions of WhatsApp on iOS.